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Environetics’ Tank Covers provide an attractive solution for enclosing new or existing tank systems. Ideally suited for odor containment and algae control applications, Environetics’ Tank Covers are built to offer a cost effective alternative to aluminum or fiberglass roofs. Our unique mechanical attachment system provides a positive seal for effective odor containment. An attractive low profile design reduces internal volume, decreasing treatment system requirements. The proven geomembrane cover material has provided decades of service in the wastewater industry. Its opaque, light blocking, characteristics virtually eliminate UV light from the tanks for effective algae control.

Odor Containment

• Positive Mechanical Seal

• Cost Effective Containment

• Low Profile, Low Volume Design


Algae Control

• Block UV Light Penetration

• Improve Filter Efficiency

• Reduce Maintenance


Custom Built for Your Tank

Environetics Tank Covers are custom manufactured from industrial grade materials to fit the profile of your new or existing tanks. Heavy duty reinforced geomembrane materials combined with clear span structural aluminum frames provide a durable, maintenance free service life. Modular construction allows rapid installation, minimizing or eliminating system downtime. Ducts for filters or scrubbers are easily connected. Aluminum framed hatches allow easy access to the tank for inspection, equipment servicing and tank maintenance.  Environetics has led the industry in manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry for over 35 years.  Let our experienced technical sales staff assist you with your current or future projects.


Industrial Materials

• Heavy Duty Series 6000 Aluminum Extrusions

• UV Resistant Reinforced Membrane Material

• Series 3000 Stainless Steel Hardware and Accessories








• Locking Access Hatches

• Atmospheric Vents

• Odor Control Ductwork

• Pipe and Valve boots


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