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Bolted Steel Tanks



U.S. Patent # 4,860,916

The Porta Tankô is a bolted steel, membrane lined, above ground storage tank. The superior tank design has been issued a U.S. patent. The Environetics Porta Tankô system is engineered to meet or exceed AWWA D103 87, NSF61, and RCRA requirements. Due to its unique component based construction, the Porta Tankô system can be designed for optimum performance in a variety of applications. The Porta Tankô is available in sizes to hold from 6800 to 1.5 million gallons.


The drop in liners are available in a choice of geomembrane liner materials with years of proven field performance in the most demanding applications. For long term liner options, choose from Hypalon® ENV-3602-12, XR-5® ENV-3004-12, Polypropylene ENV-4513-11. For short term liner options, choose from PVC ENV-2201-12, PVC ENV-2001-02 and PVC ENV-3001-02, and HDPE ENV-1809-02. The durable liners are UV stable and resistant to a wide range of liquids. Reinforced with polyester for strength, the liners are factory inspected and leak tested on site after installation.

The modular walls are fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel sections with a minimum of 50,000 lb. tensile strength. Fasteners are specifically chosen for each application based on strength requirements. Optional factory powder coating for higher corrosive resistance is available in a variety of colors.

Environetics’ floating cover systems are engineered to provide years of reliable service. These units are designed to meet AWWA D-130, NSF 61, and RCRA standards. Planned for industrial/municipal waste treatment, chemical processing, and potable water storage, these covers are cost effective solutions to odor contamination, dilution, and VOC problems.


The superior Porta Tankô with its advanced, economical materials, assembles on most firm level surfaces without the use of a concrete foundation. Minimum grading to provide a level base is required on the site where a fabric foundation and buffer stabilizes the soil and prevents settling from washouts, and damage from sharp objects.

Environetics, Inc. offers supervision of installation or turnkey installation. Wall panels nest for compact shipment to your site. The wall sections are easily bolted together on site with ordinary tools and supervised common labor. This method of installation reduces the cost while maintaining our high level of quality. Environetics, Inc. offers complete installation services or factory certified supervisors to complete your project.



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