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Tank Baffles

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Custom Built for Your Lagoon
Every Director I Floating Baffle is manufactured to fit your specific lagoon profile.

Our exclusive fully encapsulated bottom anchor creates an undivided seal

along the bottom of the lagoon to prevent short circuiting and protect your liner.


Materials To Match Your Application
Environetics, Inc. is not limited to fabricating from one material but uses a variety

of materials including Hypalon®, X-R 5®, or PVC. We will assist you in choosing the

best fabric for your site and the length of service desired. The selection of a geomembrane fabric resistant to the chemical composition of the waste water is of

critical importance. Environetics will assist you in making the proper fabric choice using these guidelines:

  • chemical composition of the waste water

  • exposure to ultra violet light

  • temperature range

  • hydraulic flows

  • wind forces

  • temporary or long term forces


The Director I Floating Baffle System is a cost effective upgrade for new and existing lagoons. Floating Baffles install quickly and easily and require little or no maintenance throughout their 20 year life cycle. Installation can be completed in less than a day without costly equipment or expensive labor.

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